Egypt’s City Edge unveils details of North Edge Towers in New Alamein

Egypt’s City Edge Developments announced Saturday the latest construction details for North Edge Towers, its newest project at the North Coast’s New Alamein City, northwest of Cairo.

The project includes a number of fully-fledged residential towers, which reach up to 40 floors each, featuring stunning lagoon and sea views alongside a beach club and a wide range of commercial and entertainment options.

The towers, expected for delivery after two years from the announcement, are the first of their kind in the North Coast as they feature a unique variety of premium facilities and amenities designed according to the highest international standards.

They offer three heated infinity pools, an air conditioning and ventilation system, first-rate surveillance and security systems, a smart card private parking area, as well as a waste management system.

Mohamed El Alfy, Chairman of City Edge, said that the establishment of New Alamein City and its components fall within the government’s scheme to develop the area over the past few years.

“The plan is expected to cause a change in our perception of the North Coast, from being a seasonal spot to a year round, vibrant destination. Being one of Egypt’s fourth generation cities; New Alamein represents an integrated urban community that is efficient and self-sustainable. Spread over more than 48,000 acres, the first phase takes up a total of 8000 acres and comprises two main components; the coastline area, which includes the International Tourism Center, and the archeological district,” El Alfy, further clarified.

New Alamein is also expected to be the home of prime developmental flagships aiming to attract investments of high-profile, multinational corporations.

Managing the development of North Edge Towers is one aspect of City Edge’s latest protocol agreement with New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) to do construction and development management, marketing, and after sales services for a number of major projects in new cities across Egypt to accommodate growing population.

The project’s convenient design allows easy accessibility as well as an array of services, facilities, and amenities including swimming pools, a gym, a jogging track, kids’ area, garages, and storage areas. The towers are also build with materials that resist wind damage and earthquakes through utilizing concrete tiles made of post-tensioned-slabs.

Yasser Al Beltagy, President of Yasser Al Beltagy Architects, the firm behind the design of North Edge Towers unveiled that North Edge Towers represent the first residential project in the city of New Alamein; its contemporary design combines modern architecture and the application of durable materials that resist damage from natural causes

Al Beltagy also explained that the distinctive design provides stunning turquoise sea views as well as green-area exposure from all directions, thanks to the air pressure-resistant, aluminum profiles, and insulated glazing windows installed in order to enable unobscured views.

Moreover, concrete works of North Edge Towers exhibit Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) which is highly-flexible, durable, air-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance.

North Edge Towers set a standard for what fourth generation buildings should really offer in architectural and construction detail as their design provides an ultra-modern lifestyle to all residents.”

Additionally, every tower has an entire floor dedicated to electro-mechanical services as well as time-saving elevators equipped with Busbar security system, with a separate elevator for lifting goods and large equipment.

The towers also use fiber optics cable for high speed internet, IP TV, and IP telephone connections, in addition to fire alarming and firefighting systems, special emergency exists, and a premium waste management system that stores waste in chilled rooms until it is moved to landfills.

“North Edge Towers will redefine the residential and recreational life in the North Coast, setting an example for integrated urban developments on this wonderful part of land in Egypt,” concluded El Kady.

North Edge Towers project in New Alamein City