Egypt’s internet penetration hits 54% – We Are Social

Egypt’s internet penetration has reached 54 percent in January 2020, according to a new report by UK-based global creative agency We Are Social.

The annual Digital 2020 Report, produced jointly by social media management platform Hootsuite and We Are Social, has showed that Egypt ranked the eighth highest year-on-year percentage change in the number of internet users. The number of internet users in Egypt recorded an annual growth of 22 percent or 9.8 million.

60% of the world online

Data from the report showed a steady increase in the proportion of people worldwide coming online as well as an increase in how much time they spend on internet-connected devices.

4.54 billion people are now online, a year-on-year increase of 298 million, or 7 percent, bringing the “digital divide” or internet penetration rate to 60 percent, the report read.

Each user spends on average more than six and a half hours online each day, equivalent to more than 100 days each year. Those figures vary considerably based on location. Philippines users spend 9 hours and 45 minutes per day online while internet users in Japan are online less than four and a half hours. Ranked 13th, users in Egypt spend 7 hours and 21 minutes per day online.

When it comes to using mobile internet, users in Egypt spend 3 hours and 55 minutes per day.

Mobile Connectivity Index

The report also cited Egypt scoring 54.2 points on the Global System for Mobile Communications’ (GSMA) Mobile Connectivity Index for January 2020.

The Mobile Connectivity Index measures the performance of 165 countries against key enablers of mobile internet adoption. Countries are scored within a range of 0 to 100 across a number of indicators, with a higher score representing stronger performance in delivering mobile internet connectivity.