Egypt’s Military Production Ministry clinches three deals with Belarusian firms

Egypt’s Military Production Ministry signed on Tuesday three memorandums of understanding (MoUs) and a number of Belarusian companies.

Egyptian Military Production Minister Mohamed El-Assar received Belarusia’s Industry Minister Pavel Utupin, along with the Belarusian ambassador in Egypt Sergei Tirtentiev and chairmen from some Belarusian firms in Egypt.

Belarusian Minister of Industry Pavel Utupin and Egypt’s Minister of Military Production Mohamed El-Assar (Photo Credit: Egyptian Cabinet)

According to a statement by the military production ministry, Egypt and Belarus are trying to establish a long-term partnership to transfer Belarusian manufacturing technology to Egypt so that the country can increase the percentage of the local components in its products and lower their prices.

An MoU was signed between the Egyptian Military Factory 200 and the Belarusian Amador company on the manufacturing of loaders and heavy equipment for paving roads and construction works, as well as on the transfer of technology in this field to the Egyptian military factory.

Another MoU was between the Egyptian Military Factory 999, the Egyptian Company for Agricultural and Rural Development and the Belarusian company Broska Ahromach on the production and distribution of agricultural equipment.

The last MoU was between the Egyptian Military Factory 999 and the Belarusian company Ciel Energo on the construction of silos.

The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production already cooperates with a number of Belarusian companies in different fields.

The ministry cooperates with Maz company in the production of trucks, Minsk Motor Plant in the manufacturing of diesel engines and Minsk Tractor Works in tractor manufacturing.

This cooperation comes amid multiple efforts exerted by Egypt in developing its infrastructure.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi recently stated that Egypt has invested around EGP 4 trillion over the past years on infrastructure.

Source: Ahram Online