Egypt’s Millensys gives a push to digital healthcare business in Africa

Egyptian Millensys Company’s goal is to make Healthcare services better making the best use of technologies it has been developing throughout long years of hard work.

This goal was the main drive the company to attend IATF 2018 (Intra-African Trade Fair 2018) to show how it’s going ahead beyond profits and business gains.

The business attended the fair to help spread the culture of using technology on keeping medical files and managing healthcare business electronically to increase outreach of such concept and put the technology at the hands of as many as states around the world.

The highest priority was given to IATF 2018, which was evident in the attendance of Hossam Rady, Millensys Healthcare Technology CEO, to take part in promoting healthcare technology solution all around Africa based on the fact that the black continent needs this transformation to electronic management in healthcare sector as a region with massive population and large amount of economic diversification.

Rady told all about our business’ success in African digital healthcare market throughout a whole decade. The story of achievements was also about Millensys and its variety of projects implemented in a number of African states for private, military, and governmental healthcare providers.

He also had the opportunity to spotlight vision, plan, and goals of Millensys that put his business on the right track to reach every single healthcare provider in Africa.

Sherif Kandil, Millensys’ Healthcare Technology marketing and PR director, stressed the significance of attending this kind of trade and commerce gatherings in Africa in boosting digital healthcare solutions throughout the continent and the vital role of IATF 2018 as a main drive to reinforce the outreach of such solutions.

Kandil had a round of business meetings with a number of officials of healthcare files operating in Africa on the sideline of the fair to discuss potential opportunities for healthcare technology solutions in Africa.

Promising results were reached through the meetings, which reflects that business leaders of the sector in Africa believe in the significance of digital healthcare solutions and know that its important role in the future of healthcare services, according to Kandil.

IATF 2018 or Intra-African Trade Fair 2018 is an African annual business gathering that gives traders, investors, business leaders, businesses, states and professional the opportunity to meet and discuss for realisation of the most possible potentials of business and trade in the continent.