Egypt’s ministries of production, housing sign agreement for smart water meters

Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Housing to locally manufacture smart water meters on Sunday.

They contracted to install 1.4m smart meters in the first phase out of a total of 3m meters for the entire project, Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouli said at a press conference at the Ministry of Military Production.

There is no intention to lay off employees who are currently tasked with reading water meters after the installation of pre-paid meters, he added.

“We are moving towards the deployment of pre-paid meters to ensure that the value of the citizen’s actual consumption is collected and to avoid human error,” Madbouli said. “Pre-paid meters will be installed in all new cities and also in social housing and middle income units.”

The Ministry of Military Production will produce these meters, as per the protocol, under a direct contract, Madbouly said. After that, water companies will benefit from these meters and they will be delivered to Egyptian households.

Another protocol will be signed with the Ministry of Military Production to produce drinking water, sewage plants, and electromechanical equipment. This expansion of local manufacturing will reduce the drain on hard currency and lead to a gradual adoption of the local product, according to the minister.

Madbouly explained that imported meters cost $90-$100; thus, if 3m are produced, hard currency will be saved rather than wasted by purchasing imported products.

Minister of Military Production Mohamed El-Assar corroborated this, saying that the ministry aims to increase local manufacturing of the water meters to save hard currency.

This protocol includes assigning the manufacture of water meters to the ministry by direct order. From the date of signing the protocol, 3m smart water meters and spare parts will be produced over a five-year period.

This protocol also includes an agreement on the exchange of technical and technological expertise, as well as information on the production of the meters according to international standards. A study will be conducted on the development of a measurement system for consumption in order to reduce the waste of drinking water.

The ministries will agree on the prices according to market changes.

The protocol is part of the state’s strategy to develop and support small and micro enterprises and keep pace with global systems.

source: Daily news Egypt


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