Egypt’s NTRA Says Granting New Cellular Frequencies Reflect Positively On services

Eng. Hesham Alayli, CEO of National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), has revealed its offering for new cellular frequencies of mobile phone services and that will has a positive impact on mobile phone services.

Alayli has expected that the mobile phone services will witness remarkable improvement within the third quarter of this year after the operators have obtained the last cellular frequencies, noting that the new frequencies will allow Higher quality.

He noted that it is expected for the companies to adopt new frequencies so as to develop telecom and internet services especially the third generation services.

NTRA granted the mobile phone operators 1800 MHz new cellular frequency band and provided telecom services, asserting that it granted 10 Mega and 2.5 MHz for Mobinil and Vodafone enterprises, noting that the country will obtain EGP 1.2 billion from the three mobile phone operators from these frequencies.