Egypt’s President Honours Engineers, Warns Of Obstacles

In celebration of Egypt’s Engineers’ Day, President Mohamed Morsi called on engineers to lead the movement for change and development in the country after the January 25 Revolution.

“Achieving leadership for Egypt wasn’t separated from the leadership achieved by the Egyptian engineer,” said Morsi during the syndicate’s celebration at Al-Azhar Conference Hall in Cairo’s Nasr City.

During his speech, Morsi affirmed his appreciation for the role of engineers while warning them of obstacles and “fools who want chances to pass you by.”

“Whoever dreams of sending Egypt back is dellusional,” said Morsi, underlining that Egypt will not allow any interference in its internal affairs.

Morsi added that the work of building state institutions would continue after parliamentary elections are held once a new electoral law has been approved and guaranteed as constitutional.

According to the Engineers’ Syndicate Facebook page, the celebration is scheduled to honour top engineering graduates, four martyrs and seventeen injured of the revolution.