EPPK achieves L.E6m Profits in 2011

El Ahram Co. for Printing and Packing (EPPK) has achieved net profits of L.E5.999 million during the fiscal year that ended on December 31.2011, compared to net profits of L.E6.008 for the fiscal year of 2010 with a slide of %0.14.

EPPK’s net sales have witnessed a rise of L.E61.402 in 2011, compared to net sales reached L.E53.157 million in the fiscal year of 2010.

The total profits after excluding the sales cost have reached L.E11.785 million, compared to L.E10.633 million in 2010. The operating profits have also witnessed a rise of L.E8.389 million, compared to L.E7.480 million.

Through the profits made during 2011, the stock amounted to L.E2.09, compared to the same value during the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2010.