Fakhry Al Fekky, Dina Abdel Fattah, Hesham Tawfik on Air Today

Al Tahrir Channel will host tonight Dr Fakhry Al Fekky-professor of economics in Cairo University and expert of international economics- Dina Abdel Fattah- editor in chief, Amwal Al Ghad- and Hesham Tawfik- expert in money markets- Hossam Soliaman- head of central administration for scientific culture, Scientific Research Acadmy– to analyze the presidential candidates’ economic programs in “Endama Yatee Al Massa” (when night comes) talk show at 12 AM.

Mohamed Salah and Montaser Al Zayat will host the show to discuss the forthcoming president’s economic plans.

The show will tackle many important factors for analyzing and discussing each candidate’s agenda and the economic visions that he will work on during his presidential term.

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