Forced displacement of Palestinians into Jordan ‘violate peace agreement’: PM

Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said on Tuesday that any attempts that would force Palestinians to leave Gaza or the West Bank would violate the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel. 

 Al-Khasawneh said in a statement that Jordan does not accept any attempts that would make Palestinians leave Gaza or the West Bank. He said that these attempts are “a declaration of war against us, as they break the peace agreement.”.

This came up during a meeting between Jordan’s Prime Minister and Lulwa Al Khater, Qatar’s Minister of International Cooperation.

Al-Khasawneh also said that “the Arab-Islamic Ministerial Committee began its tours of the permanent members of the Security Council to remove the legal immunity from Israel.”

He added that Jordan is treating the situation in Gaza as if it was happening on the Jordanian border, and the army is doing its normal constitutional duty to protect the Jordanian border.

The displacement of the people of the West Bank would break theJordanian-Israeli peace treaty, Al-Khasawneh stated. He also said that Jordan would see this as a declaration of war against it.

He went on to say: “the peace agreement is worthless if Israel does not respect the rights of the treaty, and all options are open.”

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