From the 1930s to the 1990s: New book collects Egypt’s forgotten film posters

The Art of Egyptian Film Posters collects together old Egyptian film posters from the 1930s to the 1990s, when they were painted by hand, and did not depend on graphic design.

After a first volume of 190 film posters published in September 2014, a second volume now shows an extra 200 posters, without chronological order, accompanied by enlightening articles such as “Posters and censorship”, or even “The Greek period and its influence on the art of posters in Egypt”.

Though still young, Fathy unveils the long-forgotten artists behind these works of art.

In one poster by Hassan Mazhar Gassour, known as Gassour, for Lak Yawm Ya Zalem (Your Day Will Come, or more literally: Your day will come, oh unfair one!), a 1951 film directed by Salah Abouseif and starring Faten Hamama, the title is written in elaborate calligraphy. One of the letters of the word “unfair” is extended to resemble a hanging rope, as if to say that this is the fate of anyone who is unfair, according to Fathy.

The book also showcases works by Cairo-born Greek artist Stamatis Vassiliou, who in the late 1940s established a form of an artistic symbolism.

Fathy also introduces his reader to Nagui Shaker, a well-known Egyptian puppeteer, poster designer and stylist, who infused his works with elements drawn from the age of technology. His posters include a number of works for Youssef Chahine’s movies, such as Alexandria Again and Again (1981) or The Emigrant (1994).

Source: Ahram Online