Gamal Heshmat: MB calls not for Protests to Withdraw Confidence

Dr Gamal Heshmat, Deputy of Foreign Affairs Committee in PA and member of MB’s Shura council, said that “the FJP didn’t call for protests next Friday in order to withdraw confidence from Ganzouri’s government, but it rather awaits the government’s statement around withdrawing confidence or probing it”.

The argument around withdrawing some members from the constituent assembly, Heshmat , in exclusive statements to Amwal Al Ghad, said that the members who objected to the committee’s formation and announced their withdrawal, haven’t submitted official resignations state this.

The constituent assembly to draft constitution held a meeting this morning to discuss the committee’s work plan. The meeting ended in winning Dr Saad AL Katatni with 71 votes to be the committee’s chairman. Some members suggested delaying the meeting due to the absence of 16 members, while Dr Wahid Abdel Megeed suggesting delaying the meeting till the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) meets the political powers tomorrow.

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