New iPhone Steals Focus after iPad Launch

Following the launch of Apple’s new iPad this month, technology enthusiasts have already turned their attention to the new iPhone, and there are plenty of rumors about the new device already being circulated.

 There is a widely held belief that the phone will be launched in October this year, but a recent report from the Washington Post suggested that the firm is already gearing up for production of the device, and a June launch date is possible.

The phone is almost certainly going to boast 4G connectivity, a feature unveiled on the new iPad, as a report from iMore suggests that the phone is also going to support a mini-dock connector that will allow it more room for internal components.

Another major talking point has been the screen size as rumors have been circulating for a long time that the iPhone will undergo a drastic redesign, and a larger screen will be part of that. Reuters recently claimed the phone will have a 4.6 inch screen, almost a full inch larger than the current version.

It would be a major surprise if the new iPhone did not feature a faster processor and expectations are that the processor used will be more powerful than the A5X in the new iPad.

One issue which seems to be confirmed is Apple’s new naming system, as the fans of Apple speculated for months on the name of the new iPad, before it was revealed the firm had dropped the numbers and extensions to the original title, as AMEinfo stated.

The new iPhone -whether people call it the iPhone 5 or not- is sure to have the rumor mill grinding right up until its release date, and fans of the phones will be keeping a close eye on it.