Ganzoury: EGP 250 Million To Develop 5 Slums

Dr. Kamal El Ganzoury – Prime Minister- decided to allocate 250 million EGP, for the purpose of developing five slim districts in the Governorates.

For the same regard, Ganzoury requested a monthly proceeding report of the secured areas that should be provided for residents in the governorates, instead of the slums.

Ganzoury’s decision was declared amid a press conference by Dr. Mostafa Hussien – Minister of environment- in participation with Dr. Ali El faramawy – President of Slums Development Fund that belongs to the Cabinet – , as this conference was held after Ganzoury’s meeting with the ministerial committee, which was dedicated to discuss the slums problem, and it was also attended by governors of Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Read Sea, and South of Sinai.

Dr.Mostafa mentioned a report presented by Cairo’s governor, which illustrated housing of 5256 residential units, in Manshyet Nasser and Anter Stable areas, as he added that the remaining project are still in process currently.

Dr. Faramawy said that the government has decided to finish the problems of “life threatening areas”, within the upcoming 6 months, as 13500 residential units will be provided for their residents.