Germany introduces national water strategy in climate change

The German cabinet agreed on Wednesday to introduce its first ever national water strategy to cope with long dry seasons and heat waves caused by climate change and protect water reservoirs in forests, towns, villages, and floodplains.

Germany is a water-rich country but weeks of high temperature during the summer in the recent years have drained the water levels of the Rhine River and hit farmers’ corps in many parts of the country.

The strategy should be completed by 2050 and it includes restoring forests and green spaces. In addition to developing guidelines to regulate water distribution in case of shortages.

According to Reuters, local and federal governments should keep track of how much water is available in the country through a new registry system.

Despite the fact that Germany has lower water consumption levels in comparison to other countries, the strategy will introduce incentives for saving water.

Germany’s Environment Minister, Steffi Lemke, said in a statement on the matter, “the consequences of the climate crisis for people and nature are forcing us to act.”

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