Gras Savoye Egypt: Total Written Premiums Hit EGP252 million in 2013

Gras Savoye Egypt – Insurance Broker has written premiums totalling EGP 252 million across its three branches i.e. Egypt, Sudan and Jordan during 2013, an official from the insurance firm said today.

Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad on Tuesday, Hamed Mabrouk – Managing Director of Gras Savoye Egypt – further stated that the Egyptian market attained EGP 235 million of the company’s total written premiums by the end of December 2013. Gras Savoye Egypt targets premium growth by 50% within 2014 to hit EGP 352.5 million by the year-end.

Meanwhile, the insurer’s branch in the Sudan got EGP 14 million of the total premiums written in 2013, targeting an increase to EGP 21 million by 2014-end, he added.

Moreover, Mabrouk referred that the Jordanian branch obtained EGP 3 million out of the company’s total written premiums in 2013.

Gras Savoye Egypt is planning to launch its new branch in Libya within the upcoming few months.