Henkel Egypt joins fight to combat COVID-19

Henkel Egypt announced a set of actions to support the Egyptian community and boost efforts exerted by the government facing the global coronavirus pandemic.

Henkel Egypt is a leading firm in Laundry and Home Care and Beauty Care sectors.

Henkel Egypt cooperated with the Egyptian Cure Bank and launched “They protect us, we support them”  campaign to support the Egyptian healthcare staff and boost the health sector ability to respond to COVID-19.

Through the campaign, Henkel Egypt will provide 10,000 families of the Egyptian healthcare staff who are at the front-line directly fighting the coronavirus, with their needs of Henkel personal and household hygiene products have these packages delivered to their homes.

Another important aspect of the campaign is raising awareness of the important role being executed with extreme diligence by the Egyptian medical staff through social media platforms, and also encouraging people to send messages of compassion, and gratitude to the Egyptian healthcare staff who are working tirelessly and fiercely, risking their own lives, fighting the coronavirus.

“We are honored to be able to play a small part and show our gratitude, respect and appreciation to all the healthcare workers for their extra ordinary efforts keeping our communities healthy and safe. We are here to support them and their families with their needs of hygiene products to keep them safe as they continue to manage the pandemic,” Henkel Egypt’s general manger Omar Mohamed Elmasry said.

Henkel Egypt’s general manger Omar Mohamed Elmasry

“Henkel Egypt is committed to help in every possible way in addressing this unprecedented challenge,” Elmasry further added.

In an unprecedented rapid response, Henkel Egypt announced the launch of the new “general disinfectant and cleaner”, with a powerful formula that kills 99.9 percent of germs.

The new disinfectant product is already available in the markets, with a plan to produce one million unit of the product starting April.

“Henkel Egypt is operating in full capacity and is committed to continue production to supply the Egyptian markets with the needed hygiene and disinfection products needed in the fight against the spread of the virus. We are here to support our consumers because the way we see it is that hygiene and disinfection lies at the heart of the situation,” Elmasry said.

With genuine gratitude and sincere appreciation, Henkel Egypt earnestly acknowledged the endeavors of Egyptian health sector in fighting Coronavirus through illuminating Cairo Tower with the slogan of the campaign “They Protect Us; We Support Them” and has also launched a song “What Comforts Us” by Hany Adel, hailing for our white army and their unceasing efforts in healing Covid-19 patients.

These local interventions are in line with Henkel’s comprehensive global solidarity program which was launched in March to address the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The global program included a donation of 2 million euros to WHO/UN Foundation COVID-19 fund and selected organizations and a donation of 5 million units of personal and household hygiene products.

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