India’s Welspun Group eyes investing in Egyptian textiles sector

A mission from India’s Welspun India Ltd. (WIL) met Wednesday with Egyptian Industry Minister Tarek Qabil to showcase available cooperation opportunities with Egyptian textile firms.

The mission -headed by Managing Director Rajesh Mandawewala- discussed raising group’s reliance on Egyptian cotton in manufacturing its products.

Minister Qabil invited the Indian group to establish a factory in Egypt in order to make use of the incentives and privileges that Egyptian textiles field enjoys notably the available material raw and the trained labour.

Welspun is a fully integrated home textile manufacturer which is considered as one of the largest global home textile players, with world class manufacturing facilities in India. It is Asia’s largest and the 2nd largest Terry Towel producer in the world.

He stated that the Egyptian government keens on attracting more new investments to textiles field notably in Upper Egypt through cooperating with foreign partners who have the relevant expertise necessary for upgrading such industry.

On other side, Mandawewala asserted that the group keens on existing in the Egyptian markets and collaborating with Egyptian partners to enhance the positive image of Egyptian cotton besides promoting it outside.