Kandil Surprises US Investors By Turning Off Air-conditioned During A Meeting

An action is considered as a bizarre one, made by Egypt’s Premier that has caught a group of American investors, who came to discuss the energy crisis in Egypt, by surprise. Dr Hesham Kandil turned off the air-conditioned in his office as a way of rationing the electricity and satisfied with opening the windows only, asserted Hassan Rateb.

Hassan Rateb, Chairman of Sama Foods Industries, who accompanied the U.S. investors to the PM’s office, also stated that the investors refused to comment on the situation; expressing their surprise at first and then they were delighted at Kandil’s action. Moreover, they refused to let Kandil turns on the air-conditioned; assisting on resuming the meeting with the windows open.

On the other hand, Rateb mentioned that he discussed with the Egyptian Premier constructing a venture for producing energy by depending on the solar energy in the New Valley city at $ 15 billion.