Kuwait sells U.S. bonds for $9.5 bln in 3 months

Kuwait’s government sold U.S. bonds for $9.5 billion in 3 months, data released in Kuwait revealed on Wednesday, indicating that its bond holdings since the beginning of the year had fallen by 19 percent and by $ 9.2 billion.

Kuwait’s acquisition of U.S. Treasury bonds during March rose by 0.51 percent, valued at $200 million, to $39.3 billion, compared with $39.1 billion by the end of February, the data added.

While on an annual basis, Kuwait’s holding of U.S. bonds fell by 16 percent, valued at $7.5 billion, to $39.3 billion, compared with $46.8 billion at the end of March last year, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anba.

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