La Mirada to hand 523 units in New Cairo by beginning of 2015 with EGP 600 m investments


By Kareem Saeed and Maha Essam

 “La Mirada Real Estate Investment” will fully execute La Mirada Project in New Cairo by the beginning of 2015, with EGP 600 million investments, on 22 feddans area. It is worth mentioning that La Mirada bought this land from a public auction.

 Eng. Shereef Ragheb, director of the project, said that “La Mirada” is among the first projects real estate to be done by the company. Real Estate market has become more attractive for real estate investors, despite the current turmoil Egypt is currently witnessing.

Ragheb notified that the project is established on a 22 feddans area, which includes 523 housing units of two categories. The first category is the average housing, whose areas range from 200 to 220 m2, while the second category is luxurious housing, whose areas range from 280 to 350 m2, and it consists of two-story apartments.

 The project’s architectural schemes were approved last June and the project’s building has started on past January, Ragheb informed.