Leather Tanning Holds Urgent Session

The general assembly of Leather Tanning Chamber in FEI, Federation of Egyptian Industries, will hold on Wednesday an urgent session to consider the resignation of the seven members of the board.

Hamdi Harb, the chairman of Leather Tanning Chamber, said the board has to commit to the decisions which the general assembly will conclude to, and it has to implement them immediately.

The seven members of the board resigned last February, they are, Hanan El Saedy, Hesham El Gazar, Mustafa El Akaad, Mamdouh Sabet Mekky, Ghareeb Al Fawe, Hesham El Maghreby and Samir Khalil Yassin. Their resignations came to object on the violations of the chamber, as well some members got involved in cases of corruption and smuggling.