Marseille Tops Egypt’s NILEX Volumes Traded in Week

In a week, Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya S.A.E. has topped the volumes traded by the most active firms listed in the Egyptian bourse of SMEs (NILEX).

Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya for Holding Investment (MAAL.CA on EGX) scored a volume of trades amounting to 1.3 million securities worth EGP 3.2 million.

Univert for Food Industries (UNFO.CA on EGX) ranked second as its volume of trades hit 648.3 thousand securities worth EGP 1.2 million.

In a week, the Nile Stock Exchange – NILEX reported a volume of trades of 3.9 million securities worth turnovers of EGP 9 million exchanged through 1.6 thousand transactions.

Coming third in the list, Al-Moasher for Programming & Information Dissemination (AMPI.CA on EGX) registered a volume of trades of 639 thousand securities worth EGP 589.5 thousand.

Fourth, BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP on EGX) attained a volume of trades reached 421.8 thousand securities worth EGP 594.2 thousand.

Fifth, Egyptian Modern Education Systems (MOED.CA on EGX) obtained a volume of trades amounting to 141.4 thousand securities worth EGP 1.6 million.

Port Saied for Agricultural Development and Construction (PSAD.CA on EGX) came sixth reporting a volume of trades of 118.5 thousand securities worth EGP 237.2 thousand.

Misr Kuwait Investment & Trading Co. (MKIT.CA on EGX) was on the seventh position having a volume of trades of 114.9 thousand securities worth EGP 216.6 thousand.

Eighthly, the International Company For medical Industries – ICMI S.A.E. (ICMI.CA on EGX) registered a volume of trades of 108.3 thousand securities worth EGP 265.3 thousand.

Coming ninth on the list, International Dry Ice Company (DIFC.CA on EGX) recorded a volume of trades of 87.7 thousand securities worth EGP 173.3 thousand.

First Investment Company and Real Estate Development (FIRE.CA on EGX) reported tenth having a volume of trades of 75.6 thousand securities worth EGP 153.8 thousand.

Al Fanar Contracting Construction Trade Import & Export (FNAR.CA on EGX) came eleventh recording a volume of trades of 61.1 thousand securities worth EGP 155.9 thousand.

VERTIKA (VERT.CA on EGX) ranked twentieth getting a volume of trades of 2.7 securities worth EGP 13.6 thousand.

At the bottom of the list, Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP.CA on EGX) came thirteenth with a volume of trades of 600 securities worth EGP 4.9 thousand.