Master Real Estate heralds works on City Park at Egypt new capital

Egypt’s property developer Master Group said on Tuesday it will start executing its flagship The City Park in the country’s new administrative capital, 45km (28 miles) east of Cairo, at the end of this month.

With investments of six billion Egyptian pounds ($336.4 million), the project is set to be carried out on a space of 63 feddans.

The City is the company’s project debut in the country’s new capital, followed by The City Park. The City is spanning over 54 feddans, with investments estimated at 4.5 billion pounds.

Master Group has attained a new land plot over 63 feddans to complete works on The City project’s units to establish a major project, named The City Park in the new capital.

The City Park includes a number of villas, palaces, residential apartments, and duplexes as well as a commercial mall, club, and cinema.