Moukhtar Ibrahim executing 3 major drinking water stations in Upper Egypt

Egypt’s state-run construction firm Moukhtar Ibrahim says it is executing three major drinking water stations in Sohag governorate, 471km (292.6 miles) south of Cairo, at a cost totalling 600 million Egyptian pounds ($34.1 million).

Fayek al-Banna, Moukhtar Ibrahim’s chairman and chief executive officer, said Thursday that the first drinking water station is located in New Sohag City, on the banks of Nile in central Egypt, within a capacity of 35,000 cubic mteres.

“The second water station is located in Sohag governorates, which a capacity of 75,000 cubic metres per day,” al-Banna further stated.

As for the third water station, the official added that it is one of the biggest plants in Upper Egypt that is located in Tima City, on the west bank of the Nile, with a capacity of 86,000 cubic metres per day.

“The company seeks to expand its business volume in a number of Upper Egypt’s governorates as part of the state’s scheme to double the investments of infrastructure there (Upper Egypt),” al-Banna concluded.