Moukhtar Ibrahim to execute water station expansions in 6th Oct. City

Egypt’s state-owned construction firm Moukhtar Ibrahim announced on Sunday that it has signed contracts to carry out the expansion works of a drinking water station in Sixth of October City.

This station will cost more than 500 million Egyptian pounds ($28 million), the company’s chairman for financial and administrative affairs Mohamed Zaghloul said on Saturday.

“We executed the station’s first phase during the last period, at a capacity of 1.6 million cubic metres per day,” Zaghloul added.

The company is planning to double the capacity of the station’s second phase to around 400,000 cubic metres per day, he said, adding that the station is set to be completed within a two-year timeframe.

“The project is one of Moukhtar Ibrahim’s major drinking water stations that will be carried out within the current period,” Zaghloul added.

The Egyptian official said that Moukhtar Ibrahim has been earlier mandated to execute a number of new drinking water and sewage stations, which increased the company’s contracts to exceed eight billion pounds, over the country.