Opposition In Egypt Talks To Brick Wall; Says Sawiris

Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris has expressed offence at Coptic Christians being voting in the Egyptian parliamentary elections scheduled both on Palm Sunday and Easter.

Sawiris further referred that the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s calling for holding the parliamentary elections on 4 stages starting from April 24th as being determined to ignore the nation and the opposition’s demands. Both the nation and opposition “are like talking to a brick wall.”

On his “Twitter” account, Friday, the Egyptian tycoon stated that as Morsi’s legal adviser confirmed the parliamentary elections date on April 28th, it seems the nation, the opposition and the National Salvation Front ‘are like talking to a brick wall’.

According to Thursday’s decree, Egypt’s 27 provinces will be divided into four groups that will vote separately over two days in a period ending on June 27. This process is supposed to give the more than 50 million voters enough time to participate.

The first phase of the election takes place amid Palm Sunday and Easter for Egypt’s minority Coptic Christians who tend to travel during the holidays and have consistently voted against the Muslim Brotherhood.

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