Egypt’s Ousta accuses rival Uber of exercising monopolistic practices

Egypt’s ride-hailing company, Ousta submitted a formal complaint to the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) accusing its rival Uber of exercising monopolistic practices.

Ousta accuses Uber of dominating Egypt’s market of ride-hailing services preventing other rivals like Careem, Ousta, and White Taxi from making decent profits.

Nader el-Batrawy, Founder and Chairman of Ousta Technologies, said that his company demands a healthy environment where all players can compete together which can hugely contribute to push forward Egyptian economy.

Uber previously modified its driver payment system after the increase of fuel prices and introduced a daily bonus to ensure the increase of the drivers’ daily income, while the value of the bonus will be calculated in accordance to the number of trips driver concludes.

Ousta also called for lawmakers to regulate the taxi market and car-hailing services inEgypt, impose controls over minimum fare and promotional offers as well as to support the white taxi to be able to keep up with much stronger rivals.