PSAD Dives 4.09%, Utopia Tops NILEX Value Traded

On Monday, the Egyptian Exchange of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) – NILEX has witnessed unsteady performance amidst trading in 6 stocks. Three stocks declined, two others advanced; while Univert for Food Industries (UNFO)’s stock solely remained with no change at EGP 0.95.

Port Saied for Agricultural Development and Construction (PSAD)’s stock tumbled by 4.09% to close at EGP 5.63 reporting traded value of EGP 344.958 thousand distributed to 61.270 thousand securities exchanged through 71 transactions.

Al-Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI)’s stock pushed down by 3.39% to finish at EGP 1.14 recording a traded value of EGP 62.573 thousand distributed to 55.000 thousand securities exchanged through 14 transactions. Trading Rights Issue Of Al-Moasher For Programming And Info dived by 6.90% to finish at EGP 0.27.

Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP)’s stock also fell by 1.01% to conclude at EGP 15.71. Utopia’s stock has topped NILEX traded value which hit EGP 613.085 thousand distributed to 39.025 thousand securities exchanged through 37 transactions.

On the other hand, BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP)’s stock soared by 4.15% to conclude at EGP 2.01 recording traded value of EGP 131.826 thousand distributed to 65.428 thousand securities exchanged through 41 transactions.

Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya For Holding Investment (MAAL) sank by 3.54% to conclude at EGP 4.91 recording traded value of EGP 412.575 thousand distributed to 80.831 thousand securities exchanged through 79 transactions.

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