Qabil: 2nd industrial complex to be issued next Tuesday

Egyptian Trade and Industry ministry is scheduled to issue the second licenced industrial complex in Badr City on Tuesday January, 10, 2017, Minister Tarek Qabil stated Thursday. The complex would be dedicated for food and engineering industries sectors.

Qabil said that the new complex encompasses a number of new factories whose spaces are ranging between 480m2 and 960 m2.

This comes among ministry’s plan to establish licenced factories as it launched the first industrial complex in Sadat City in December 2016, the minister clarified, adding that the ministry plans to launch the third industrial complex in Port Said.

Qabil noted that the three new complexes would provide 500 new licenced industrial facilities for small- and medium-sized industries so as to upgrade Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) sector and deepen its role in supporting industrial development system, enhancing economic growth, and provide more job opportunities.

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