Rain, sand winds continue in Egypt Sunday: MENA

The rain and sandstorms witnessed in Egypt over the past two days, and they continue today, state news agency MENA reported on Saturday.

Rain will be dominant in the north of the country, reaching to Cairo and Sinai along with wind carrying dust that could limit drivers’ visibility.

Winds are also expected to disrupt navigation on the Mediterranean Sea, with waves reaching heights of 2.5 to three metres.

Alexandria’s Bughazi and Dakheila ports, two main ports in Egypt’s coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean, continued to be shut Saturday for the second day due to bad weather.

The Red Sea will experience more stable conditions with waves ranging between 1.5 to two metres.

Cairo witnesses highs of 22 degrees Celsius and lows of 14 degrees while the coastal city of Alexandria will see highs of 20 and lows of 12 degrees Celsius.

The touristic cities of Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada experience warmer weather with highs of 29 and 28 respectively and lows of 19 and 17 respectively.

Source: Ahram online