Salim Inaugurates 3 Technology Houses In Luxor

Dr. Mohamed Salim – Minister of Communications and Information Technology – inaugurated 3 new houses for technology in Luxor today, as located in Egypt general library, Digital bridges institution, and Noubah local unit.

The inauguration took place after supplying these houses with computers and Technological equipments, connecting with internet, and training the instructors.

Inaugurating the technological houses happened amid the Minister’s tour with Dr Ezzat Saad – Luxor Governor-, and this tour included also opening of a number of projects in the field of Communications, information technology, and mailing, as the Minister began his tour with a meeting with the local and executive leaders, as well as representatives of parliament and Shura council of Luxor, and they discussed the ministry’s plan to support the development organization in Luxor, during the upcoming period, especially in the fields of communications and information technology.

Minister said that the technology houses will present many social and technological services for Luxor’s citizens, such as: services of government electronic gate in cooperation with the Ministry of Administrative Development, offering the grant of Information Technology Institution “ITI” that aims at teaching computer basics, conduct trainings for website developing, and presenting specialized programs in qualifying professional trainers for preparing technological personnel.

Salim visited also the 19th and 20th workshops of preparing trainers program that is executed by “ITI” in cooperation with Luxor governorate in the general office of the governorate and also in Egypt general library, as the aim of this visit was to observe this program closely.

To be mentioned that this program’s target is graduating a distinct trainers from Luxor, who will be able to execute and apply the advanced technological programs and systems of the institution, in the field of Information technology.

On the other side, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has finished the establishment of about 66 Technology houses all over the governorates of Luxor, Aswan, Noubah, North of Sinai, South of Sinai, Giza, Suez, New Valley, and Marsa Matrouh, beside establishing about 34 new technology house that will be finished by the end of June 2012, as these new houses will be focused on far, isolated, deprived, poorest, and unplanned places.