EBDP Leads NILEX’s Downwards; Monday

During Monday’s trading, NILEX’s listed shares have witnessed collective downwards except shares owned by BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP) that surged 4.99% to close at L.E 3.58.

In the meanwhile, El-Badr Plastic Co. (EBDP) led the NILEX’s downwards by recording a dip of 4.96% to close at L.E 5.94 recording value traded reached L.E 27.149 thousand; while the volume traded recorded as 4.570 thousand securities executed over 7 transactions.

Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP) ranked second in NILEX’s top losers by going down 4.61% to close at L.E 51.37 topping the traded value by L.E 317.750 thousand with a volume of trades reached 6.186 thousand securities executed over 33 transactions.

Al-Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI) by recording a slump of 3.82% to close at L.E 1.51 having values traded of L.E 106.974 thousand; while the volume traded recorded 70.617 thousand securities executed over 23 transactions.

Shares owned by Univert for Food Industries (UNFO) recorded a down of 2.88% to close at L.E 1.35 having value traded L.E 27.030 thousand; while the volume reached 20 thousand securities executed over 10 transactions.

Egypt Kuwait Holding (EKHO) came at the end of the top losers list by having a dip of 1.71% to close at L.E 1.15 recording value traded of L.E 49.4 thousand and the volume traded reached 43 thousand securities executed over 18 transactions.