SDMO: Egypt Sales Surge to €12 million in 2014

France-based SDMO Industries, the world’s 3rd largest company for power generating sets, achieved €12 million worth of total sales in the Egyptian market during 2014.

In 2013, the French power manufacturer recorded total sales in Egypt of €3 million.

On the sidelines of the third day of the 24th International Power, Energy & Security Forum 2014, Ahmed Shouman – Managing Director at SDMO Egypt – attributed SDMO’s new high sales record to Egypt’s political stability, which positively affected the local market and the French company’s businesses.

During 2013, SDMO gained 20% of Egypt’s generator sales, Shouman noted.

The 24th Power Energy & Security Forum for Egypt, Middle East and North Africa is being held in Cairo on December 4-7, with the participation of 250 international companies from countries around the globe such as; Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and India.

The event promotes networking of experts, industry leaders and distributors in the power-energy sectors. It incorporates exhibitions for solar power, wind power, smart grids and automation.

SDMO Industries stands out as the world’s 3rd largest company in the market for power generating sets. Created at Brest (Finistère, France) in 1966, SDMO built its history there and has been able to span the decades by increasing its expertise in the power market through its international experience. It now manufactures its power solutions in three production plants located in France and Brazil.