Shura Council holds its first session for choosing President

The Upper House holds today, Tuesday, its session heading by the oldest member for choosing the president and the council’s two agents; as FJP nominated Dr Ahmed Fahmy to be the council’s president, while the Salafist Al Nour party nominated Dr Tarek Al Sahry, Al Mania MP, as a class agent.

The council holds two sessions; the first is for the members’ swearing on oath on the basis of constitutional declaration, while the other session is for electing the presiden and the two agents.

Dr Ahmed Fahmy, FJP candidate, assured that the turnout on the council’s poll during the two rounds was completely suitable; especially it was less many than this before. That was in press statements after finishing the council’s membership procedures in front of receiving new members committee.

He added that we should not precede the incidents of forming constituent committee; especially the joint meeting of Upper council and PA will discuss the criteria and the principals of choosing this committee.

He mentioned that there is a suggestion of having 100 members in the committee, divided into 30 of PA members, 10 of Upper Council members and 60 figures out of parliament, explaining that there is a clear vision for operating and expanding the Upper House responsibilities.