Sisi addresses the Parliament today

Egypt President Abd Al-Fatah Al-Sisi will make a speech before the newly elected House of Representatives, in a while.

The speech will be addressing domestic and regional ‎issues, including the country’s current economic situation.

Moreover, El-Qasr al Ayni Street witnessed an intensified security in preparation for Sisi’s Visit. 

Egypt’s new parliament is composed of 596 MPs, an unprecedented figure in Egypt’s 150-year-old ‎parliamentary history.

“This big number, in ‎addition to more than 100 guests, will push the ‎number of those attending the speech to more than 700,” said Parliament’s Secretary-General Ahmed Saaddin .

The last time an Egyptian president visited ‎parliament was in December 2010 when the now-ousted ‎president Hosni Mubarak addressed a newly-elected ‎People’s Assembly which was elected in a process marred by alleged widespread rigging by the then-ruling party, the NDP