Sisi ratifies media syndicate law after parliament’s approval

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi issued on Tuesday a law creating an audio-visual media workers syndicate for the first time after Egypt’s parliament approved the 89-article legislation in December.

The new syndicate will be tasked with defending its members, improving their working conditions and drafting a code of ethics for all those who work in the audio-visual media field.

The ratified law stipulates that those working in audio-visual media must not violate people’s privacy or incite violence, and must cite sources for news, respect freedom of expression and individuals’ right to rebuttal, honour public morals, and promote community concerns.

Last December, El-Sisi ratified the Institutional Regulation of the Press and the Media in Egypt, another piece of legislation which will task three regulatory bodies with overseeing media outlets in Egypt.

Source: Ahram Online