SNFC achieves L.E5.6m Profits in 2011

Sharkia National Food Company (SNFC) achieved profits of L.E5.567 million during the fiscal year which ended on December 31, 2011, compared to net profits of L.E1.875 million in 2010 through an increase of%196.9.

During this year, the sales witnessed a slide of %3 to reach L.E35.589 million, compared to L.E36.740 in 2010.

The total profit activities, after excluding the sales cost, have witnessed slide of L.E1.317, compared to L.E3.055.

The main stock of the net sales of the year has witnessed an increase to reach L.E0.316, compared to L.E0.144 on December 31, 2010.

The working capital has witnessed during the year a slide of %45 to reach L.E59.325 million, compared to L.E62.114 million.

In addition, the total long-term assets have witnessed a slide of %40 to reach L.E14.475, compared to L.E24.386 million in the fiscal year December 31, 2010.