Takaful Emarat launches capital-protected fund

Takaful Emarat, the UAE-headquartered Shariah-compliant life and health insurance company, is joining forces with Saudi Arabia’s Riyad Capital to launch a new Shariah-compliant, capital-protected global equity investment fund.

Having endorsed further rapid growth this year in the takaful sector at the recent Eighth Middle East Insurance Forum in Bahrain, Ghassan Marrouche, Chief Executive Officer at Takaful Emarat, said, “At the event, we talked about ensuring awareness, discipline in investments and product improvement in the takaful sector. With this new saving opportunity, we are fulfilling our commitment to the market. Joining with Riyad Capital makes perfect sense as it shares our values, and as the investment arm of Riyad Bank, its credentials speak for themselves.”

“As a genuine takaful operator we offer deeper understanding and better services than other insurance operators who simply offer takaful-based products as one arm of a wider business. Our product offerings are always based on the market needs. High inflation, uncertainty on investment returns and risk on capital loss are the key areas of concerns when it comes to saving for individuals. As a takaful operator we felt that this need must be addressed in a way where customers can not only get the takaful protection but also can save for their future through a secure investment,” Marrouche added.

To reflect consumer needs, Takaful Emarat has launched its own exclusive fund called ‘Takaful Emarat Capital Protected Fund’. The Fund is designed to be a long-term saving venture with a high degree of capital protection that may be exercised at any valuation. The new Capital Protected Fund offers 90% of the highest net asset value protected at all time. The Fund is a global fund and is linked to the performance of selected Shariah-compliant stocks, chosen for their high cash flow and low debt to equity ratio. Participation in the fund is offered to Takaful Emarat’s new and existing plan holders of Education, Whole life and Wealth Plans.

“The takaful industry – like many other growing industries – is facing a number of challenges. One of them is the limitation regarding Shariah-compliant investment for takaful plan holders. Takaful Emarat, in its capacity as a specialized life takaful company, will continue to keep close relationships with its customers to ascertain their varying saving needs. We strive hard to come up with the solutions such as our newly-launched Takaful Emarat Capital Protected Fund, to give our clients a perfect combination of protection and saving under one takaful plan,” Marrouche concluded.

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