Tantawi Visits Polls… Average Turnout in Behaira

Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Head of SCAF, visited on Wednesday the electoral process in Khalil Agha School in Bab al-Sharia.

Accompanied the Field Marshal during his round Maj. Gen. Hamdy Badeen, Leader of Military Police, and a number of military council’s members.

From other side, partisans of candidates Mohamed Morsi and Selim Al Awa broke the election silence by hanging posters for their candidates.

A number of policemen and army forces in Al Sharabiya district fired propaganda leaflets for the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi, as his partisans distribute them to the stores in the district.

In the same context, first day of presidential elections witnessed average turnout in Behaira in most of electoral polls; whereas some of them had been opened late because the judges came late.

In some cities like Damanhour, Kafr Al Dawar, Wadi Al Natroun, the maritime forces intensively found in front of the polls to protect the electoral process.