Telecom Egypt achieves 4G speeds of 200Mbits/second at Cairo ICT 2016 booth

Telecom Egypt (TE) managed to successfully provide internet connections at speeds of 200 Mbits/second in a live speed test for the 4G technologies at Cairo ICT 2016.

Tamer Gadalla, board member and Executive Manager at Telecom Egypt, said this experiment is a live proof of TE’s capability to provide high quality services in accordance with global standards. Moreover, 4G technologies are expected to contribute to the creation of brand new services within business sector.

The official added that Orange Egypt is having a strategic plan that aims to keep up with the latest technology trends worldwide for the benefits of its clients. This plan has resulted in the recent acquisition of 4G licence so far and so many developmental actions are yet to come.

TE has become the first integrated operator in Egypt to provide a wide range of services including fixed-line, mobile, and internet services, Gadalla concluded.