Telecom Egypt’s CEO Says 2 mln Fiber Optic Cables to be Coverage by 2014-End

Eng. Mohamed Al Nawawi, CEO of Telecom Egypt (TE)(ETAL-CA) revealed that the company two million home fiber optic cables will be coverage by the end of 2014, noting that covering the fiber will depend on 2000 units during the year.

Al Nawawi  added on the sidelines of a press conference which has  held by TE  today to present its business results today that the company has completed during 2013 of all approvals and civil works for  connecting these fibers fully and began installing new infrastructure.

He noted that the company will cover four million housing with  4000 fiber by 2015 at total cost of EGP1.6 billion.

He pointed out that the number of fixed line subscribers fell to 6.8 million users, while the number of internet subscribers 1.7 million subscribers through TE Data , stressing that it accounts for 63.4% of the market share of Internet users.