Ultras Sit-in Outside EGX Headquarters As Football Massacre Hearing Is Coming UP

Dozens of the hardcore Ahli fans, or “Ultras”, have converged since the early morning of Sunday outside the Egyptian Exchange’s headquarters in Downtown to show their strong disapproval of the current clashes between the security forces and demonstrators witnessing in some of the country’s governorates.

The Ultras are also gathering today for the Egyptian court’s hearing of Port Said football massacre is coming up on Saturday March 9, 2013.

A source from the hardcore Ahli fans said Ultras is staging today a series of marches outside the headquarters of a number of vital facilities in the country in Downtown, including the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). Such marches aim to convey a message not to cause any disruption, the source added.

Also since the early morning of Sunday,  dozens of Ahly Club Ultras have closed the doors of the country’s Central Bank in Downtown.

“We are here to alert the concerned bodies that we can escalate protests if the verdict of the Port Said football massacre was politicized to satisfy people in Port Said who have held civil disobedience,” said one of the members of Ultras, but he declined to reveal when they will open the doors of CBE.