Upper House discuss Al Nasr Petroleum Co. incidents

The Shura Council (Upper House) session, headed by Ahmed Fahmy, witnessed sever attack on Al Ganzouri’s government because of the crisis came about in Suez; referring that the blaze was on purpose.

The members of Suez called for the necessity of attending the prime minister, in addition, the ministers; referring that they will not leave the session in case of not extinguishing the blaze which threatens the residents in Suez.

The members demanded forming a fact-finding committee. And they said the accident is a real crisis, as they accused the officials. They underscored that the accident is on purpose; calling on the military junta to bear the responsibility.

They mentioned that there is a big problem in the industrial security inside the company, and they demand uncovering the reasons.

At the end of the session, the council decided to transmit the issue of Suez blaze to the industrial production committee to rapidly prepare a report for the council as the minister of petroleum will be attending


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