Van Gogh Museum Unveils New Water Color

The Van Gogh Museum has unveiled its latest addition by the tormented artist — an 1882 water color of a pollard willow under a cloudy gray sky from his early Dutch period.

The museum bought the painting at auction in London earlier this year for €1.58 million ($2.05 million).

Museum director Axel Rueger on Thursday called the painting “one of the most representative water colors from Van Gogh’s Hague period.”

As one of the painter’s first dabblings with color, the landscape is a far cry from the exuberant and colorful postimpressionist oil paintings that characterized Van Gogh’s later works.

At the time, Van Gogh was still honing his skills in perspective, anatomy and proportion using black and white pencil and pen sketches.
This news has been reported by Associated Press.