Venezuela continues supplying Al-Assad’s Government with diesel

(Reuters) Rafael Ramirez -Venezuelan Minister of Energy- said that Venezuela has sent at least two shipments of diesel to Syria recently and, his country will continue providing the government of President Bashar al-Assad with fuel “at any time the government need” Despite Western sanctions.

Ramirez statements confirmed the information transmitted this month that shows the Hugo Chavez government as a supplier of rare diesel to Syria, which could undermine the Western sanctions imposed on the Syrian government because of its crackdown on pro-democracy protests.

Ramirez told reporters in Caracas on Monday “We sent two shipments, at least.”

Chavez – who considers himself a part of an anti-imperialism international coalition – the strong supporter of the Syrian president said, “We have a high level of cooperation with Syria,” which he described it as a country under siege and the external forces that want to topple its government. He said his country would send more of diesel fuel to Syria “in any time Syria need.”

Ramirez – who is also the head of the Venezuelan oil company owned by the state (PDVSA) – said that the conflict in Syria and Western sanctions on Iran because of its nuclear program have destabilized the global oil market.

But he added that Venezuela does not have any intention to intervene in order to replace the Iranian fuel supplies affected by the sanctions.

He went on saying, “We do not agree to any embargo or sanctions on any country, especially if this country is a member of OPEC.”

To be mentioned that Hugo Chavez is a close ally of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad.

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