Vice Chairman of Al-Wafd Party to “Amwal Al Ghad”: MB don’t have Economic Strategies

Kamalia Shoukry, vice chairman of Al-Wafd Party-the oldest Egyptian one- accused Muslim Brotherhood with not having any economic strategies that let them present solutions for Egyptian economy problems; to build a comprehensive economic development.

In her statements to “Amwal Al Ghad”, she emphasized that legislation come now from Tahrir Square; whereas there is no respond to the demands a heavy clash will happen that affects Egyptian street which will criticize the PA. at the same time, she called on protestors to be aware of gangs.

As for the possible clash between parliament and square -protestors-, she thinks that “FJP of MB is politically wit; as that makes them keep away from any clashes and also pass this phase, especially any clash may result in losing their legislation.”

She continued saying that” as MB is politically wit and they know their position now, especially they have other legislation, it’s “Tahrir Square”, which will oppose them in case of repeating any repressive attempts. She denies that MB may be like the former regime, as the last minimized Egypt and cooperated with Israel and USA against the Egyptians’ wishes.

She also referred that the main concern of MB is the economic side, whereas, if they can achieve prosperity for citizens they will protect their political position, which they have been pursuing since 1928; saying that” they haven’t declared their plans and economic programs so far, because they don’t have them; as they will use the other parties’ programs, like Al-Wafd.