Vodafone Egypt Says Frequent Power Cuts Suspend 900 Network Stations

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The frequent power cuts has suspended 900 strengthening mobile phone network stations over one day the last Tuesday, Khaled Hegazy, External Affairs and Legal Director for Vodafone Egypt revealed.

In statements to Amwal Al Ghad, Hegazy said the poor services which suffered by the three mobile operators in the current period is due to the repeated power cuts, noting that Vodafone has put plan since the last year in order to face these outages and reform tower network stations that estimated at around EGP400 million.

Vodafone Egypt’s subscribers are 42 million, it comes at the top of the market with 42% from the market share of mobile phone market in Egypt.

Vodafone specified EGP9 billion investments to pump it in the infrastructure of strengthening  network stations and to run then within the next three years.

Moreover, Hegazy added that most of mobile phone coverage depend on strengthening networks that relay on electricity, stressing that Diesel fuel don’t cover 25% from the total number of Vodafone’s stations.