Wafiq: New Ministry to Supervise the Department of Public Utilities

Dr. Tarek Wafiq, the Minister of Housing has decided to transfer supervision on the Department of Public Utilities from the Ministry of Housing to the new Ministry of Public Utilities, headed by Dr. Abdel-Qawi Khalifa.

Eng. Nafisa Hashim, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing, explained to the Minister of Housing in their meeting last week the concerns of this department, which includes 9 employees, highlighting that determining the destination of this department will not be a burden on the Ministry.

After forming the organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Utilities and specifying its headquarter, the employees will move there and resume their work, she said, pointing out that coordination between the ministries of housing and public utilities will continue.

She added that main entities such as the National Authority for Potable Water and Sewage and the Holding Company for Water and  Waste Water should be affiliated to the New Ministry given that they are considered an obstacle to housing, while the existing department of public utilities can be used in managing coordination with the other ministries without burdening the Ministry of Housing.

It is noted that this department  has 9 employees, including 6 well-trained engineers according to high standards. This has contributed in providing data on the design capacity, productivity, the per capita until 2013, and the targets of the ministries of housing and utilities until 2017.