Fattouh: Economic Safety On The Top Of Union Of Arab Banks Conference Agenda

Union of Arab Banks is organizing “Arab Banking Conference 2012” under the name of “Challenges of the Arab Economic Security” from 11th to 12th of April in cooperation with Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Banks Association, World Union Of Arab Bankers and regional and international organizations.

Wissam Fattouh, Union of Arab Banks’ secretary general, said that the Conference will discuss Ppoverty, unemployment, modest standard of living, low bilateral trade and investment rates, migration of Arab funds and competencies, weak infrastructure and education levels, not keeping pace with development requirements and global competitiveness, in addition to the problems of food and water security, climate change, energy and non-optimal use and mobilization of resources, while adding to the mix the various international challenges particularly the global financial and economic crisis and its implications on the global financial markets, recession, and contraction in the various economies including the Arab economies..

The Conference coincides with the 39th ordinary meeting of Union of Arab Banks’ general assembly which will be held on 12th of April and with the announcement of opening a regional office for the Union in Abu Dhabi.

Fattouh added that the Arab Banks Conference is organized as part of the Union’s plans in setting strategies for the recovery of Arab economies, boosting Arab economic solidarity and bolstering Arab-Arab relations in a way to keep economic safety.

Fattouh added that Arab countries is still facing regional and international challenges despite the developmental achievements attained, noting that the recent changes Arab countries witnessed threatened the future of economy and security in Arab countries.